“As a business owner myself, and as a mentor to others striving to lead impactful organizations, I felt a real calling to support Oleg as the Chairman of the Board for Overcoming Odds. As someone who wants to be on the forefront of forward thinking, philanthropic movements, I’m humbled to have supported the organization from its inception.”

As the “Chairman of the Board” (member of the “Board of Directors”) I am responsible for initiating and deepening relationships with potential sponsors; maintaining and expanding relationships with current sponsors & contributors; providing recommendations for growth and improvement of sponsorship programs; increasing the reach and engagement of the Overcoming Odds community.

Outside of my role with Overcoming Odds, I am the former Founder and President of Hatch House Ventures, a network of startup accelerator programs in partnership with higher education entrepreneurship programs. It was during Oleg’s time that I recruited him and his business partner to participate in a year long program designed to forward student ventures and the entrepreneurial mindset. Today, I and Oleg remain friends with myself serving as a mentor to Oleg, as well as the “Chairman of the Board” for Overcoming Odds.

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