GRAPHIC DESIGNER (unpaid position)

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We are looking for someone who sees the big picture of our mission and spends hours on the details of the design in order to create memorable, recognizable designs.

At Overcoming Odds, we strongly believe in the following personal qualities:

  • Passionate (it is not a job, it is a lifestyle)

  • Open minded (able to consider other points of view without judgment)

  • Confident

  • Believe in your own abilities

  • Understand your boundaries and limitations, but do not let them stop you from pursuing the "impossible." Limitations are not weaknesses, they are simply areas you need to strengthen.

  • Understand that you have all of the support you need to get the job done

  • Creative (ability to think outside of the box when problems arise)

  • Not afraid to voice your opinions to help others improve the quality of their work

  • You are best friends with humility (the greatest highs come from the lowest lows)


Who you are:

  • Able to use any of the following programs: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CC, Inkscape or any other program that allows you to produce exceptional designs

  • Able to design logos (primary and secondary)

  • Able to create templates for newsletters, infographics, social media campaign, emails, letterheads

  • Have significant experience with WordPress or SquareSpace (working knowledge of HTML and CSS)


What you will be doing:

  • Assisting with development of:

    • Templates for newsletters, emails, social media campaigns, infographics and letterheads

    • Primary and secondary logos for Overcoming Odds

    • Front-end user interface for Overcoming Odds