Out of the Fog

Karen Goh didn’t know she was adopted until she was ten years old. After being asked countless of times why she looked so different, she asked her mother if she was “born” from her. 

“I didn’t know the word for adoption at the time,” Karen says while explaining this pivotal moment in her life. 

Karen always had a talent for music, but her tenth year was also the year she started composing her own. She was classically trained and currently has an upcoming album, ten years in the making, which was inspired by her birth mother and touches on themes of adoption and mental health related to her own adoption experience. “I’m excited to share my story through music because it’s a lot better than me talking,” she laughs.

Karen is a fully trained and experienced performer, composer, arranger, and producer of music. She is an avid advocate of mental health, foster care, and adoption-related issues. Listen to this episode for phenomenal insights into mental health, adoption, identity, and making it in the music industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • On relationships: Learn your partner

  • On telling them they’re adopted: The earlier the better. Embrace it

  • On leading: Inspire others to become leaders

Episode Notes:

  • Was I adopted? [1:00]

  • Pursuing music [8:00]

  • Mental health [12:00]

  • Trust [16:00]

  • Repair [20:00]

  • Adoptive parents [25:00]

  • My file [31:00]

  • Music and mentors [33:00 ]

  • Purpose and passion [44:00]

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