Dell Computer Corporation

Discovering Identity, Developing Strengths, and Maximizing Potential

Host and Overcoming Odds President, Oleg Lougheed has a heart-to-heart with the most connected man in America, top business strategist and former director at Dell Computer Corporation: Peter Strople. The two talk about loss, love, relationships, and how Peter came to define those things through struggle and success.

We talk about his experience growing up as an orphan in addition to how he started his networking meetup, Friends of Peter, where young professionals, as well as seasoned veterans, share not only the business side of life, but the personal struggles they have experienced and what they have learned or hope to become through those roadblocks.

Peter doesn’t believe success is at all predicated on money or power necessarily, but relationships and who you spend your time with. Being in a position where you have relationships with people you genuinely want to help and who want to help you is the basis of happiness and leading a fulfilling life.

According to Peter, too many people try to live beyond who they are. People should admit who they are and the mistakes they have made and through that self-recognition, they will find themselves on a more honest and meaningful path.

Episode highlights:

  • On relationships: Dig Deeper.

  • On family: People to whom you can genuinely say, ‘I love you.’

  • On insecurity: Recognize the mistakes you have made and grow from there.

  • On adoption: The definition of love.

Please enjoy this extraordinary conversation with Peter Strople!