connecting with curiosity

What You Reveal, You Heal

This week’s conversation features Ashley Williams, leading Millennial strategist, spokesperson, consultant, and global speaker for brands that want to reach Millennials.

She helps brands create the right content, craft the right messages, and produce events that bring brands and Millennials together.


  • On Purpose: “We all have one person for being here …”

  • On Healing: What you reveal, you heal

  • On Experiences: All experiences shape who you are today

  • On Self: We are all who are meant to be

Invite Others In

Have you ever hit rock bottom in life?

He said, “I got to a point where I wasn't going to be able to pay my rent … I sat down and weighed my options … I said, ‘I could try to find a job real quick, Uber or something, but realized that it wasn’t going to be enough’ … I wasn't going to go to my parents, I told myself I am not going to do that … I realized that I was in a position … where I did need help …”

Who can you count on in your life no matter what the circumstances may be?

He continued by saying, “I looked at my brother … and I said, ‘Brandon, I need help financially … $2,000 is the amount that I need … would you be willing to help me with that?’ … It was not easy to approach and ask for money … there is a sense of pride within myself that did not want that to happen …”

Who are you grateful for in your life?


  • On Risk-Taking: “If you’re not taking risks, what growth is happening in your life?”

  • On Community: Invite others into your life that will help you reach your goals

  • On Vulnerability: “It shows others that they’re not alone”

  • On Life: Define the purpose for why you’re sharing certain aspects of your life

Learning to Be Comfortable While Being Uncomfortable

Are you intentional with the choices you make in life?

He said, “… The truth of the matter is we will drive right past the other side of the highway or the other side of the track … Never go anywhere close to East Austin or never go anywhere close to certain areas and pockets of Austin, or even the surrounding areas that I know are suffering … But, we’ll get on an airplane and fly all the way across the world … we’ll come back and go to our nice 500 thousand dollar home … we’ll get into our nice cars … and we’ll start our life all over again. We’ll even tell about going to Haiti, we’ll tell the story about going to Africa … and never do anything in our city to make ourselves uncomfortable …”

How often do you put yourself in uncomfortable situations?

He said, “The reason why we won’t do something is because it makes us uncomfortable … it makes us uncomfortable because familiarity breeds contempt … when we’re familiar with something, it makes us uncomfortable … I strive and love being uncomfortable because putting myself in uncomfortable situations allows me to grow …”

Learn to be comfortable while being uncomfortable.


  • On Belief: Find someone who will believe in you, even when you don't believe in yourself

  • On Familiarity: Familiarity breeds contempt

  • On Growth: Put yourself in uncomfortable situations

Letting Go of Things That No Longer Serve You

Have you ever been in a relationship that held you back from becoming who you wanted to become?

He said, “I came to a point of my life, in my teenage year, where I realized that this relationship that I had with this religion was kind of holding me back as a person … and what I wanted to become …”

How do you end relationships that no longer serve you?


  • On Acceptance: Accept others for who they are

  • On Family: “I found that the people I ended up calling people were people that accepted me for who I was …”

  • On Decision-Making: Stay true to who you are

  • On Definitions: Define how you view yourself