Positive Alternatives

This week's conversation features Doug Petit, retired professional Manager engaged in Public Speaking to teens and their parents about the perils of underage drinking. Collaborating with like minded individuals and entities focused on providing positive alternatives to underage drinking and drugs. Just passed the 1 year mark with Positive Alternatives Podcast - "Together We're Better".


  • On Past: "Why did it take something like this to happen to me, to make me a better guy?"

  • On Leadership: Respect. Responsibility. Reward

  • On Drugs: Understand the impact

  • On Decisions: Take ownership of your decisions

Letting Go of Things That No Longer Serve You

Have you ever been in a relationship that held you back from becoming who you wanted to become?

He said, “I came to a point of my life, in my teenage year, where I realized that this relationship that I had with this religion was kind of holding me back as a person … and what I wanted to become …”

How do you end relationships that no longer serve you?


  • On Acceptance: Accept others for who they are

  • On Family: “I found that the people I ended up calling people were people that accepted me for who I was …”

  • On Decision-Making: Stay true to who you are

  • On Definitions: Define how you view yourself

Using Creative Outlets to Deal with Pressure of Life

What do you do when the odds are completely against you?

He said, “Just after being introduced to the drums, I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, which is a rare form of eye cancer … It required that in order to save my life, they had to remove my right eye … So, I’ve been blind in my right eye ever since … What they did is put a removable prosthetic in the socket, and in addition to that, when the surgeon was doing the operation to remove my eye, he made a mistake, and it happens sometimes in operations like this … and he clipped a muscle in my eye lid … So, I grew up … with my lid half-closed, without eyesight in my right eye, and a lot of hospital visits …”

How do you deal with adversity in life? Is it happening to you or for you?

He said, “… I had no awareness of just how deep that trauma was running. But, what I did … is I found music, I found drumming, I found collectables … I can’t tell you why because I’m 5, 6, 7, 8, years old … I just know that I found them in a way that was so important to me … They were such an important escape …”

What are the outlets that help escape from the pressures of life?


  • On Outlets: What are the outlets that help escape from the pressures of daily life?

  • On Adversity: Is it happening to you or for you?

  • On Mentorship: Find people who will help you exceed your limitations

  • On Gratitude: Who or what are you grateful for in your life?

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