Step Into Bravery


She said, “I grew up in an environment where I wasn’t necessarily allowed to be myself or wasn’t able to grow into who I truly was.”

Many, if not most of us have times like these in our lives.

She said, “I finally found the courage to tell my story a few years ago. I was at a family funeral. My adopted dad came up to me and was trying to confront me why our relationship wasn’t great… It was just not an appropriate time. But, growing up I would have sat there, been silent and just kind of taken the words in… Don’t speak my mind… But, this time there was something different.”

This was a moment that made Brooke O’Neill take ownership of her story.

A moment that allowed her to go from victim to victor of her past.

A moment that helped shape her purpose, to Step Into Bravery, a process of acceptance, growth, and embracing bravery.

Step into your own bravery and take ownership of your story.

If you can stop comparing yourself to others and believe in who you are, and say “I am who I am. This is my name, this is who I am,” and you own that, then you can do amazing things.


  • On Identity: Embrace who you are

  • On Growth Mindset: Stay curious

  • On Courage: “Know that you’re not alone”

  • On Self-Narrative: Own your story

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