Being A Contribution

This week's conversation features Daniel Galdi.

Daniela is a high-energy powerhouse. Her ambition is endless and her extensive resume is proof of that with areas of expertise in the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship, health & fitness and media production. Daniela is not only a go-getter with remarkable drive, passion and discipline towards her endeavors but also offers encouragement and empathy towards others in theirs.

Parallel to her optimistic attitude, you'll catch her smiling...a lot.

Her career is a reflection of who she is and what she loves to do -- entertain, create, and encourage others to follow their passions. She has a genuine enthusiasm for supporting people and sharing their stories and ideas. Outside of her career, spending time with family & friends is a priority in her busy schedule. She loves to workout, experiment with new recipes, attend women empowerment and motivational conferences and meet 1:1 with new friends.


  • On Success: It's a process not a destination

  • On Healing: Allow yourself time to heal

  • On Dialogue: Listen to your inner voice

  • On Impact: Focus on those surrounding you