Who or what are you grateful for?

Who or what are you grateful for?

He said, “… I was at a low point of my life … A lot of things were going wrong … I was in the middle of my second divorce … I was living in a pretty bad apartment … I was working really, really hard … I really felt like I had nothing to be grateful for …”

Have you experienced a similar situation to John’s in your life? If so, what did you do to reverse the situation you were in?

For John Kralik, it all started with changing his environment, going for a long walk on New Year’s Day to reflect on his journey so far.

He said, “I heard a voice … It was an inner voice … It told me that, ‘until I learned to be grateful for the things that I had, I wouldn’t receive all of these things that I wanted’ … When I came down the hill from the mountains that I was climbing that day, I decided to dig out some old notes and to write one thank you note a day … I almost didn't follow through … But, I did …”

Who do you have to thank for helping you become the person that you are today?


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