The Journey to Cloud Nine

This week’s episode features, Jordan Gross, author of Getting Comfy, and recent graduate of Northwestern University.

Tune in as we discuss the importance of creating a life you want to live; key question behind “success”; impact of our environment; and different ways to sharpen your self-awareness.

Throughout the past five years, Jordan co-founded and co-contributed for a food and fitness blog called “Feast Mode”; started an Alzheimer’s Awareness group “They Forget, We Remember,” which gave him opportunities to serve as a Junior Board member for Northwestern’s Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center, as well as for The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s.

He has worked with various startups including Pak’d, a healthy meal delivery kit for elementary/middle school lunches; Chowbus, a food delivery service delivering authentic Asian cuisine; and RXBAR, which was just acquired for $600 million by Kellogg’s.


  • On Life: Learn to balance decisions that you make based on societal expectations and who you want to be

  • On Success: What does success mean to you?

  • On Environment: What type of impact does your environment have on you?

  • On Sharpening Self-Awareness: Get “COMFY” (Calm, Openness, Movement, Funny, You)