The Recovery

She couldn’t handle it.
At 12 years old, she became addicted to drugs and alcohol.
Later on, her stepbrother sexually abused her.
Her comfort zone quickly turned into a nightmare.
Hopeless. Not knowing who to ask for help. She turned to the person that knew her best: herself.
The recovery process began.
12-step program.
Anything or anyone who could offer advice was a fair game.
It was refreshing.
She questioned her existence. Reasons for why she was put on this earth. Got in touch with a higher spirit, God.
All, ultimately leading to her larger purpose, to help other adoptees who may be experiencing similar issues.

Focusing on areas such as:

  • Why adoptees should reconnect with their roots

  • Importance of adoptee community

  • Accepting your past


  • On healing: It takes time

  • On community: Connect with others in-person

  • On future: Trust your instincts

  • On life: Don’t take yourself too seriously

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