"Where Do You Belong?"

Born and abandoned.
She said, “When I was found by the Ahmednagar police, I was severely malnourished, miasmic, and suffering from dysentery.”
An event that’s difficult for most, if not all, of us to imagine.
An event that first showed Rebekah Mallory what rejection and lack of belonging felt like.
But, this wasn’t the only time Rebekah experienced rejection and lack of belonging.
She said, “I was seven years old… I don’t remember what brought it on or what caused it, but one of my friends was making fun of me for being black… One of the first times I was aware that I was being humiliated for being different.”
An instance that questioned her identity once again.
But, it is an instance like this that made her stronger.
An instance that made her realize how we should focus on our similarities rather than our differences.
An instance that made Rebekah embrace who she was.
Remember: Everyone has a story. Embrace it. Live yours.
“As an adoptee, there is nothing more you need than other adoptees... who bring new perspectives to the table”


  • On Living Life: Look forward, not into the past

  • On Rejection: Be aware that it may happen

  • On Community: Find people who care about you

  • On Connecting with Others: Don’t be afraid of abandonment and rejection

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