The Weight of Your Words

This week’s conversation features Rodolfo De Angeli, speaker, podcaster, and workshop/retreat facilitator.

Rodolfo De Angeli reunited with his parents at age 11 after having spent the previous years with foster parents. At the age of 12, he got sexually abused by a family member. He ended up in prison in his late 20s and was homeless in his early 30s while dealing with depression and anxiety for most of his life.

The turning point was when he seriously contemplated suicide in 2010 and started to put together the ultimate plan. After realizing that he needed help, he attended a weekend event where he met the life coach who helped him take the first steps to turn his life around.

After several challenges during this time, he learned to change his perspective of what happened in his past. He learned to extract the lessons within those situations and use them to help him move forward to bigger and better things.

Today he coaches people from around the world by inspiring them with his story. On this journey, he shares the tools and strategies that have helped him, so others too can unleash their true potential and live the life they deserve.

Tune in as we dive deep into owning our decisions, looking for lessons within our adversities, ways to work through depression and anxiety, developing inner GPS, finding freedom, serving others, and many other topics.