"Who Am I? What Am I?"

This week’s episode features Roman Roberts who grew up in foster care until the age of 9 when he was adopted, and moved into a family that was less than ideal. It was during that time he had experienced physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

Roman then joined the US Army where he became an interrogator and deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan, and travels the world.

After this time he had a challenging transition, but eventually got his BA and MBA from American Military University in Business Administration, and obtained various certification.

He now works helping businesses grow and prosper by placing a focus on leadership, process management, and quality.

He is husband to his amazing wife Michelle who is a teacher, and is just as passionate about foster care as him, and father to a 2-year-old son Jonah who loves dinosaurs. They live in San Antonio and as a family live by the mantras of “do great things” and “how can we help”.


  • On Self: “I am who I am, but I am constantly growing …”

  • On Choices: Your decisions shape who you become

  • On Being: “Who Am I? What Am I?”

  • On Identity: “I will forever be …”