Represent What You Believe In

“You never know.”

A lesson Samantha learned early on from her family and work.

Adopted from South Korea and raised in New Jersey, she never knew what might be the connecting thread between her twin sister and herself.

I asked, “What was it like being raised in New Jersey? What was your relationship with your adoptive family?”

She said, “No one ever really looked like me or looked like they could be my family...”

“...Little did I know my identical twin sister would show up one day.”

A youtube video that Samantha starred in ended up being the connecting piece of the puzzle between the two sisters, as well as an instigator of their reunion.

They connected online after her sister saw Samantha’s Youtube video, which quickly led to them meeting in person.

I asked, “What was it like meeting your sister for the first time?”

She said, “You finally see each other in the same room and you really have to learn how to be together… I’ve never felt more in the moment my whole life.”

Samantha tells us how meeting her sister online, as life-changing as it was, was entirely different from meeting her in person.

A meeting, which created multiple new opportunities in Samantha’s life.

First, it was the documentary, Twinsters, in which the two documented their reunion with the purpose of sharing their perspective on adoption and reunions.

Then, it was the start of her non-profit, Kindred Adoption.

I asked, “Do you have any advice for aspiring film producers and actors?”

She said, “You have to represent what you believe in.”

Focus your efforts on contributing to meaningful societal conversations.


  • On the entertainment industry: You never know what an opportunity will lead to

  • On chasing dreams: “If you love it, you will keep trying”

  • On passion: Be able to say, “I wouldn’t be as happy doing anything else in the world.”

  • On failing: Allow yourself to fail! We all do it.

  • On acting: “It’s important to represent what you believe in, to take roles that are meaningful.”

  • On mentorship:“A great mentor doesn’t have all the answers, but can help you find your own.”

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