Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken

Do you find yourself seeking external validation? 

If so, what do you hope that person or group of people will tell you?

She said, “I was seeking external validation for my accomplishments because I didn't come up in a home where it was instilled in me … It was something I was always seeking … I realized that, ‘okay, if you do well in certain areas, this is how you’ll get certain types of validation’ … I have been operating off that until I was about 33 … I hit a ceiling professionally, and then also continued to recognize this void that I had, and I realized that I had to stop, and go inward to see where this was coming from … Once I started learning who I am and the things that I like …  

How well do you know yourself?


Self: No one can bring what you have

Values: What do you value?

Self-Worth: You are enough

Affirmation: I am worthy