Uncertainty, guided him during a time of tragedy and pain.
Opportunity, found him a new home halfway across the world and gave him a reason to believe that there was more in life to gain.
Rejection, affirmed his thoughts and feelings of the change that needed to take place.
Fear, gave Oleg Lougheed the confidence to create the much needed adoptee/foster care space.



A powerful communicator of the greatness that lives within the human spirit. Adell is the CEO & Founder of a personal empowerment company, Refuse To Lose, created to inspire the world to make adversity their advantage. She combines real life experiences with valuable lessons learned from a 30 year basketball career. A 2002 graduate of Wake Forest University, Adell has spent most her life as a player or coach. She has now dedicated her life to inspiring and impacting lives all over the world.



What would you do if you became homeless today?
It’s a condition that is unimaginable to most, if not all of us.
A condition that made Tiffony become more resourceful, so she would never have to lay her head on the concrete ground again to sleep, or beg at a church or soup kitchen for a meal in order to survive.



“Foster kid.”

A term that became a part of her identity at the age of two.

The tender age that marked the beginning of her long, tumultuous journey through ten different placements.

A journey filled with fear, abuse, shame and abandonment, ultimately leading to her life's work, Central Texas Table of Grace.



As a transracially adopted person (I am brown and adopted into a white family), I have lived a life where it was imperative I learn how to gracefully and effectively navigate complex circumstances and situations that many can’t imagine or maybe even recognize. My life experiences have created a rare blend of warmth and grit.  I make it my business to understand my identity and work to authentically master maneuvering through encounters with everyone from all walks of life.



At the age of 5, Dr. Williams and his eleven siblings lost their mother to a cranial aneurysm. From his mother’s death until the age of 18, he was under the authority of the New York City foster care system, along with nine of his brothers and sisters. This experience left an indelible mark on his life and professional work.



Felicia Wilson is the CEO and Founder of Fear Everything and Rise, LLC, speaker and author. Felicia works with foster care youth ages 16+, going through the independent living phase. She also works with foster parents and the agencies that handle them. Felicia’s mission is to teach and empower young people that are aging out or that has aged out of foster care system. She aims to arm them with the necessary tools needed to productive citizens of society and not the average foster care stereotype.