Not Ashamed or Embarrassed

I am sharing my story because there are other Chinese adoptees who are not being heard, and whose stories aren’t being shared.

I believe all stories need to be heard.

I would have loved to know that I wasn’t alone growing up.

I was born in China, in 1996. A year after my birth, an incredibly loving and caring family adopted me.

They have never made me feel as if I was not part of the family.

Prior to being adopted, I lived in an orphanage. Based on what I’ve been told, I was found on the doorstep of a factory that made kitchen supplies.

I wish I could go back and ask my parents why I ended up there.

Once I got adopted, there were multiple challenges I had to overcome, including my realizations that other Caucasian classmates and friends all looked, acted, and spoke differently.



Despite all of the challenges, I am proud that I finally have pride in my heritage and can call myself a Chinese-American citizen, without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.