“As a person with friends in the adoptive community and who serves as a people development coach and consultant focused on uplifting others, I was inspired to reach out to Oleg and see how I might serve Overcoming Odds, its mission and vision.”

As the “Vice President” (member of the “Board of Directors”) at Overcoming Odds, I am responsible for providing strategic direction in order to grow the reach, strategic partnerships, and impact for our members; building organizational infrastructure to enable successful execution of organization’s vision/mission; co-creating “Humans First” culture and values to create the best community, learning and experience for all of our members.

Outside of my role at Overcoming Odds, I am a Leadership Coach offering human development and performance solutions to shift up your relationships and business results. I work with inclusive business leaders and their teams to grow their leadership effectiveness, human AND business performance.

For our coaching clients, typical goals include: career clarity, career transition, leadership development, developing diverse leaders and teams, greater work joy, higher performance and better relationships.

For our consulting clients, typical goals include: business growth, increasing team/organizational effectiveness, leadership pipeline development, and organizational development and creating more human workplaces.

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