“As an adoptive parent, I’ve always longed for a community of individuals who will see, hear and support me for who I am. I was inspired when I came across, ‘Overcoming Odds’ as it immediately met all my needs”

As the “Vice President” (member of the “Board of Directors”) of Overcoming Odds, I am responsible for providing inspired company-wide leadership; assisting the Executive Director in overseeing event planning, management of podcasts, website, online programs, marketing and finance; developing and implementing operational policies; developing the company’s culture and overall company vision; sourcing new talent; helping to create an environment that promotes exceptional performance and positive morale.

Outside of my role at Overcoming Odds, I am a Senior Business Development Manager at AppleOne Employment. During my 30 years working for AppleOne, I have developed dynamic interpersonal skills; extensive experience with recruitment practices; and customer relations; strong working relationships with both internal co-workers and external customers and ability to recognize the importance of teamwork.

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