Building A Community That Lasts

Today, you have decided to join millions of other adoptees and foster care members that all share one common mission.

At Overcoming Odds, we aim to create a global community, which will serve as a secondary family to those in need, no matter what the circumstances may be.

A family that will provide a safe place for adoptees and foster care members to share their personal experiences, and resources for future adoptive parents. 


Raising Awareness About The Adoption Process

Before problems can be solved, they must be brought to the attention of those in power. 


At Overcoming Odds, one of our goals is to raise awareness about the corruption in the adoption industry and highlight positive changes. 

The biggest problems we aim to solve relate to:

Promoting Sustainable Change

The problems in the adoption industry are larger than we are as individuals but, by coming together as a community, our ability to take on these problems is exponential. 

We understand that it will be a tough hill to climb in order to change a system that has not seen a structural change since it was first introduced in Europe.

But we also understand that we are no longer fighting these issues as individuals. If we come together as a global, connected group, we are certain that change will follow.

Get involved by taking part in Stand Up & Speak Up campaign, by sharing your story or encouraging others to share theirs.



Your contributions make our vision a reality.

Join millions of others that all share one common mission.

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