overcoming anxiety

Living Your Truth

This week’s episode features, Olga Piehler, Founder & Chief Igniter Officer (CIO) at MyWy.io.

Tune in to this week’s episode as we discuss the importance of living your truth; self-awareness and how it relates to the type of choices we make in life; influential figures; and finding meaning within your daily life. 

As you’ll be able to tell from hearing Olga speak, she loves people. She believes we are walking miracles and as such we all possess our own special gifts. She also believes that it is our responsibility, to share those gifts with the world. That is how we repay to the universe the investment it made in our creation. It’s the Law of Economics at its core as Napoleon Hill stresses in his book Think and Grow Rich written in 1937 - “you don’t get something for nothing.”


  • On Truth: Are you living your truth?

  • On Choices: “The types of choices you make are modeled by your current awareness”

  • On Influence: Who is the most influential person in your life?

  • On Life: “Life is full of breadcrumbs … you’ll find the good ones when you’re on your path”

The Journey to Cloud Nine

This week’s episode features, Jordan Gross, author of Getting Comfy, and recent graduate of Northwestern University.

Tune in as we discuss the importance of creating a life you want to live; key question behind “success”; impact of our environment; and different ways to sharpen your self-awareness.

Throughout the past five years, Jordan co-founded and co-contributed for a food and fitness blog called “Feast Mode”; started an Alzheimer’s Awareness group “They Forget, We Remember,” which gave him opportunities to serve as a Junior Board member for Northwestern’s Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center, as well as for The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s.

He has worked with various startups including Pak’d, a healthy meal delivery kit for elementary/middle school lunches; Chowbus, a food delivery service delivering authentic Asian cuisine; and RXBAR, which was just acquired for $600 million by Kellogg’s.


  • On Life: Learn to balance decisions that you make based on societal expectations and who you want to be

  • On Success: What does success mean to you?

  • On Environment: What type of impact does your environment have on you?

  • On Sharpening Self-Awareness: Get “COMFY” (Calm, Openness, Movement, Funny, You)

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

Tune in to this week’s episode with Brian K Wright, host of Success Profiles Radio and publisher of Success Profiles Magazine.

Over the last 6 years, Brian has interviewed world-class achievers such as Darren Hardy, Jack Canfield, and many more.

With the lessons he has learned from these achievers, and through his own experience, he seeks to educate, motivate, and inspire others to become a greater version of themselves.

He is the author of three books, including the newly released,  "Success Profiles: Conversations With High Achievers."


  • On Community: Recognize who is supporting you and not

  • On Life: Are you giving yourself something to look forward to?

  • On Goals: Set goals in your life

  • On Gratitude: Create a list of things that you’re thankful for

Stand Up For Others

This week’s episode features, Colin Morgan, founder and host of The Daily Grind Podcast, where he interviews today’s most successful business owners and people, in hopes to inspire the next great entrepreneur.

Tune in to our conversation as we discuss ways to reframe the obstacles in front of us; share our stories to help others heal; maintain a growth mindset; and deal with traumatic experiences. 


  • On Obstacles: “You can let them consume you … or you can decide that you’re going to use this past pain as fuel to help others”

  • On Story: Sharing you story may not only help others, but also heal you

  • On Growth: Growth is full of multiple layers

  • On Abuse: It’s a cycle

“I Forgive, But I Can’t Forget”

This week’s episode features, Tanya Cooper, Executive Director at Foster Kids Unite Inc.

Tanya’s life in foster care began at five years old due to her birth mother’s addiction and neglect, and would eventually end with her being separated from all but one of her siblings! Aging out of the foster care system at 18 with no family and place to go, Tanya signed herself back in until the age 21! While in care she survived being abused by two foster brothers.

In this episode, Tanya discusses how she has been able to forgive her abusers, but not forget what took place.

Being a fighter, and working against all odds, she was able to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for two years and would eventually find herself then being sent off to Paris to model.

Her mission in life is to change the lives of children by teaching youth to, "Take charge of their lives, you are your only hero!”

She has over 14 years of experience working with youth as a clinician, and over 22 years as a youth counselor and teacher throughout various communities.

She believes you should never stop learning and you should always be in charge of your own destiny!


  • On Loneliness: Does it ever go away?

  • On Abuse: Speak up on behalf of others if you have a chance

  • On Life: “If you are breathing, you’re meant to be here”

  • On Traumatic Experiences: “I forgive, but I can’t forget”


What makes a great leader?

I asked, “Are we all capable of being leaders?”

She said, “… From what I’ve experienced, I’d have to say, ‘yes and no’ … ‘Yes’ because we definitely have the potential to be good leaders, all of us, no matter where we’re born or who our families are … or our circumstances are … we have that ability … and when I say ‘leaders’ … it has nothing to do with positions (within organizations) … or our titles … or where we are in our lives … I also say, ‘no’ because not all people have this drive to be who they exactly are and using their potential … when you have so many self-limiting beliefs that make you feel, ‘not worthy, not deserving’ … that hinders you from being the type of leader you can be …”

Do you consider yourself a leader? If so, why?


  • On Leadership: Are you aware of the role you play within your community?

  • On Self: How well do you understand your strengths, weaknesses and gifts in this world?

  • On Life: The answers are within you

  • On Environment: Surround yourself with people who will support you no matter what

Your Uniqueness is Your Human Greatness

What makes you unique?

She said, “… what makes me unique is the work that I’ve put in to growing my authentic self … It starts with really drilling down and growing internally, and finding the experiences that I have gone through and learning to accept them … whether they were great or not so good … But, accepting all of me … then, being able to pour that out into the world in my own unique way …” 

Have you fully accepted yourself for who you are today?


  • On Self: How do you fully accept and love yourself?

  • On Strengths & Weaknesses: “Where do you see me? What are the areas I can grow in?”

  • On Obstacles: Own the obstacles ahead of you

  • On Language: Use words that will empower you to move forward


Writing Your Own Life Story

It all started in his early teen years. 

He said, “… I was born and raised in Manila … Wonderful place … Wonderful community … Had aunts and uncles who doted on me … My parents raised us … telling me and my siblings that we can conquer the world; we can be whoever we wanted to be …”

But, as years went by, Richard Tagle noticed a change in his environment.

Instead of being led with the mindset of, “you can be whoever you want to be,” he noticed that he was being honed in the direction that others preferred. 

A series of questions started to formulate including, “When do you get to live your own life? When do you get to make decisions for yourself?”

A decision had to be made, to follow the path that was being created by those surrounding him and living a life that was dictated by somebody else, or creating a life based on his own interests and preferences.

Which option would you choose?


  • On Life: Create a life based on your own interests and talents

  • On Success: How do you define success?

  • On Mentorship: Lead with an open mind

  • On Story: Write your own life story