Welcome to the Overcoming Odds podcast, where you get a glimpse into the stories of individuals who have overcome adversity, suffering, and struggle to achieve success. This podcast was built by you, and for you, to help you overcome adversity, suffering, and struggle in achieving your fullest potential.


"The only way you can change the future has nothing to do with money, it comes down to relationships and who you spend time with."

Join us as the most connected man in America, top business strategist and former director at Dell Computer Corporation: Peter Strople, talks about loss, love, relationships, and how he came to define those things through struggle and success.

"When I had zero, when I had nothing, it was absolutely freeing."

Kevin Kreider spent much of his upbringing being made painfully aware of how different he was as a Korean adoptee.

Join us as Kevin discusses the pain imposed on him by peers and the media for looking different, and the insecurity that followed motivated Kevin to begin working out. He eventually managed to start both modeling and acting careers, but was again set back. This time it was by Alopecia Areata, causing him to go bald.