“We’re all Leaders”

Are you living a story that’s true to who you are?

She said, “… In order to live a life of authenticity, it begins with who you really are … On the surface level … identity is … my name ... who I am … where I am from … what I am good at … Those things are all part of the package in identity, but what I think ends up happening often when we dissect what identity is, is we get swept into a job or a cycle of some kind, and we may be using some of our gifts and talents or we may not be, but we’re kind of stuck in the busyness of all of that … Deeper meaning of authentic identity is really who you want to become … It’s your being …”

How often do you take a step back and reflect on the type of person you have become or striving to become?

She continued by saying, “… I had been teaching at a school for twenty years and for a transitional time I was no longer at the school … What I realized was, teaching was what I was doing, but who I was being was an encourager … It was being a mentor to people … My life coaching business allows me to really BE that same person I was as a teacher even though I am not in those same walls again …”

Are you living an authentic lifestyle? If not, what can you do today to start living one?


  • On Voice: Use your voice as much as possible

  • On Identity: “People of all ages need to understand who they are, so they can live the life they were meant to live”

  • On Being: Be intentional with your roles throughout life

  • On Environment: Learn to examine your influencers and influences

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