Creating A Meaningful Life

October 15th, 2014.
The day she received her diagnosis.
It was thyroid cancer.
She said, “I have been working with cancer for almost 20 years and I have never had it before. So, to get diagnosed with it was shocking.”
A condition that is often times kept as a secret.
But, for Pamela Cordano it was different.
It was an opportunity to learn things she didn’t already know.
To develop a mindset that helped her excel as a being, adoptee, and psychotherapist.

A mindset that has made her life more meaningful.
I asked, “How does one find meaning?”
She said, “Meaning is available to all of us, all the time… I think that when our lives aren’t meaningful or we’re lacking meaning in our lives, it’s when we’ve become disconnected from it… There is an abundance of meaning around us all the time that’s just waiting for us.”
She continued by saying, “Meaning can be experienced through our senses… things that we do like our work or an art… people, places and things that we love… important stories from our past… the legacy we want to leave in the future… attitudes that are important to us when we encounter adversity or life’s limitations.”
Are you living a meaningful life?


  • On Cancer: Treat it as an opportunity for learning and growth

  • On Abuse: Speak up if you can

  • On Development: Elevate others first

  • On Resilience: Move into an expanded state of mind

  • On Happiness: Give before you receive

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