Strength From Dismay

Kevin Kreider spent much of his upbringing being made painfully aware of how different he was as a Korean adoptee.

The pain imposed on him by peers and the media for looking different, and the insecurity that followed motivated Kevin to begin working out. He eventually managed to start both modeling and acting careers, but was again set back. This time it was by Alopecia Areata, causing him to go bald.

Being an Asian male in modeling or acting was especially challenging, but going bald made it next to impossible for Kevin to continue on his current trajectory. He decided to quit everything and embark on a soul-searching mission in the form of a cross-country skateboard trip from Los Angeles to New York City.

After his trip, Kevin had to decide what to do next.

Kevin Kreider_Overcoming Odds

Kevin had to start from scratch and decide what was really important to him. He returned to his previous fitness career as a coach, but this time it wasn’t about, “Making it as an Asian model or actor.” It was now about helping others find the same feelings of confidence he did when he decided to become fit and healthy.

Kevin doesn’t believe one should face all of the life’s challenges alone. People need a group of family, friends, and like-minded people to inspire them and help them when they’re down. At the end of the day, there is always someone else out there who knows how you feel.

Episode highlights:

  • On insecurity: There is always someone else who can relate to your pain.

  • On independence: We all need help. Don’t feel like you have to do it alone.

  • On mentors: Choose the ones that truly walk the walk.

  • On motivation: Find a purpose and the rest will follow.

Episode Notes:

  • Tip: Have someone with you on your journey (9:30)

  • Hard being an Asian male model, impossible as a bald one (10:00)

  • Freedom of having nothing, being able to create anything from scratch (11:00)

  • Don’t try to fit into someone else’s box (13:00)

  • Put acting aside to help other people look and feel better, build their self-esteem and confidence (14:30)

  • Have the right Why (17:30)

  • Dealing w denial (20:00)

  • Desire to be masculine (24:00)

  • “Not everyone is fortunate enough to have enough pain to jump themselves into having a why” (26:00)

  • Adopted at three years old (27:00)

  • Became self-conscious through the media for being Asian in a predominantly white culture (28:00)

  • “I am no good by myself” (34:00)

  • “I didn’t know what self-love was until I started doing that” (36:00)

  • Strategies for taking control of your day (40:00)

  • The importance of not settling (48:00)

  • Start by saying yes to yourself (50:00)

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