Healing through Storytelling

This week’s conversation features Barry Farmer, a Native of Richmond, Virginia. He grew up in Kinship Care with his grandmother from ages 5-18. For the last 15 years he's been devoted to working inside and outside the classroom with youth and their families.

At age 20, Barry became a foster father with a local therapeutic agency to further help youth within his community. At age 22 he adopted his oldest son.

Three years later, Barry's two younger sons were placed in his home, making him a proud father of three amazing young men. With these additions to his family, he closed his home after 7 years as an active foster parent.

Today, as a single father, Barry is a Spokesman for Adopt Us Kids, Foster Care Adoption Advocate for children awaiting adoption, Speaker, Mentor, Host of The Barry Farmer Morning  Show on 101.1 The FAM Radio and The FosterCare & Adoption Life talk Web Series, as well as the Creator/Administrator of one of the largest online support group for Foster Care and Adoptive families.

With his show, Barry enjoys connecting with various individuals from across the country, giving them a platform to share their stories and life’s work. 


  • On Identity: Own your story

  • On Growth: “Nothing comes quick …”

  • On Goals: Be patient with yourself

  • On Care: Learn to love yourself