Refuse to Lose

Failure is good.

Fail fast, fail often.

She said, “I failed many times throughout my life.”

At school, she was not the best student.

At home, her life was one of abuse and fear.

But, she was good at one thing.

She spent countless hours practicing with all the boys who were older, stronger and taller than her.

Basketball saved her.

I asked, “Why kind of impact did basketball have on your life?”

She said, “I wanted to play basketball to get out of my home.”

Basketball took her to her dream school. It challenged her. It tore her down. It discouraged her to the point of planning an escape.

But, she continued to tell herself, “Get to the next play.”

One day after another, the message remained the same.

She turned adversity to her advantage and owned her outcome.

Even after everyone stopped caring about what she had accomplished.

She chose to Refuse To Lose.


  • On self-improvement: It’s a daily habit

  • On problems: Be solution-focused

  • One adversity: It will become your advantage

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