Commit to Your Dreams

Lisa believes that the ability to take control of your life all boils down to self-awareness. Through self-awareness you discover what makes you happy, drained, fired up, and motivated which in turn all help you decide how to proceed in life in the most strategic, productive way for your individual self.

Lisa herself is living proof of this. Gaining inspiration and training from her best friends and other life coaches after a difficult downward spiral in her own life, she was able to fully commit to what she discovered she wanted to be: a life coach. “Once I became clear on what I wanted and what my purpose was, I didn’t have any doubts.”

overcoming odds

Lisa and her brother Joe were adopted by a mother who wanted a sister for her daughter, and wound up bringing not only Lisa home, but her brother Joe as well so that the siblings wouldn’t be separated. When asked about her birth mother, Lisa says, “I don’t think she wanted to give us up, but looking back I think it was the best decision.” Lisa has an endless appreciation for people, their stories, and helping them achieve their goals in life.

Episode Highlights:

  • On giving: Do so purely, expect nothing back

  • On leading: Use your heart, not your ego

  • On commitment: You must learn to persevere

Episode Notes:

  • Life coaching [1:30]

  • Advice [5:30]

  • Adoption history [8:00]

  • A sister for Lilly [9:45]

  • Fast forward to now [13:30]

  • Through a lense of energy [15:00]

  • Do it for the right reasons [17:00]

  • A great leader… [19:00]

  • What fuels your passion? [24:00]

  • Daily routine [25:30]

  • Things to be excited for [28:00]

  • Being alone [31:00]

  • Final takeaways [33:00]

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