Blues from Vietnam

Lara came to us by way of Operation Babylift, a mass evacuation of orphans from South Vietnam to the United States as well as other countries. She is now a professional musician living in Austin, TX as a Blues stage performer and recording artist. 

Her musical talent was inspired by influences such as her father, who gave her her very first music lesson, and dance classes which contributed to her burgeoning talent at a young age. “Watching people play music when I can’t is a little like watching someone eat while I’m hungry,” she says while talking about a time when she had to rely on a day job to supplement her living expenses when starting her musical career.

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Lara exemplifies a glass-half-full outlook on life and illustrates this through her thoughts on spirituality, productive routines, and constant self-awareness that allows her to consciously make healthy choices. She emphasises the importance of surrounding yourself with good people who will push you to meet them at their level, and knowing that regardless of who you know, or how much innate talent you may have, the bottom line of your success and happiness in life will always and forever come down to discipline and hard work.

Episode Highlights:

  • On creativity: It’s an outlet often observed in orphans

  • On making it in music: It’s all about hard work, not who you know

  • On energy: Consciously make healthy choices

  • On self-awareness: Question yourself

Episode Notes:

  • Operation Babylift [1:30]

  • The power of Facebook [4:30]

  • The power of music [8:00]

  • Day jobs [13:00]

  • So you want to go into the music business? [15:00]

  • Pushing through the struggle [17:00]

  • Parents [22:00]

  • Wait, what am I? [26:00]

  • Facing stereotypes [28:30]

  • Love = abandonment [24:30]

  • Calling them “Mom” & “Dad” [37:00]

  • Leadership [42:00]

  • Support the music [49:00]

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