The Power of Your Story

It took him years to get to this point.

He said, “… The story that I was once ashamed of was the story that was helping liberate people from their own circumstances or issues they may have been ashamed of …”

What are you still ashamed of when it comes to sharing your story? How are you working through it?

It is by answering such questions Branden Brown was able to find his purpose in life, to help increase the quality of life of people and their families through teachings and powerful coaching experiences.

Tune in to our conversation with Branden Brown, as we discuss the importance of choosing your own family, treating others the same way you want them to treat you, helping yourself before you can help others, and many others.


  • On Family: You get to choose your family

  • On Relationships: Treat people the way you want them to treat you

  • On Helping Others: Help yourself before you can help others

  • On Narrative: Live the story you want to tell, not the story others want you to tell

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