Holding On, Moving On

It was hard.

She said, “I went through ten different foster homes between the ages of 2 & 16.”

A system filled with memories of rejection and abuse.

A system that made Stacy Johnson realize she had nothing more to lose.

A system that made her redefine the meaning of family and love.

A system that helped her find her purpose in life, to help other foster youth rise from all of the above.

Three years ago, Stacy started Central Texas Table of Grace, an emergency foster youth shelter.

An organization, whose name was inspired by the following lyrics, “…At the table of grace, the cup's never empty. The plate's always full, and it's never too late. To come and be filled with love never ending. You're always welcome at the table of grace…”

An organization, that helped her find healing and meaning in life.

Are you living a meaningful life?


  • On Escaping Abuse: Find an outlet that will allow you to escape your situation

  • On Healthy Mind: “Garbage in, garbage out”

  • On Goal-Setting: Visualize the outcome

  • On Life: “Your life is the lens you see it through”

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