Finding Home

He was in real, physical danger.
He said, “There was a time when I used to think that my father was going to kill me. So, I used to stay up late at night, tucked in the corner of the room.”
At school, people would ask Ron Bultongez about the bandages and bruises, but he was too afraid, to tell the truth.
So, he lied.
A set of experiences that would make most, if not all, of us, want to forget about our early days and move on.
But, Ron Bultongez was different.
He decided to use his story in order to show others the path, from being a victim, to becoming a survivor, and ultimately turning into an advocate.
An advocate for those who’ve experienced physical or mental abuse in the household.
An advocate for those whose voices are often not heard.

“The quickest way to lose hope is believing you’re alone.”


  • On Life: Understand that life is unfair and difficult

  • On Adversity: You don’t have to go through it alone

  • On Impact: Focus on changing one life, one day at a time

  • On Odds: Switch your mindset from “probability” to “possibility.”

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