Become A Student Of Life

What defines a great leader?
A question that some, if not most of us, seek an answer to.
A question that more often than not will lead you on a life-long journey of trial and error in figuring out what makes you an effective leader.
For Jim Johnson, it was no different.
He said, “Leadership can be learned… Like anything in life you can become better at it by making it a study…”
A level of commitment to a process with no definite destination.
A level of commitment to becoming a student of life at all times.
A level of commitment that has led Jim to seek answers to the following questions in order to see the larger picture:

How do you influence people in leading them in a positive direction?
What are you all about as a person?
Are you going to lead by example?
Are you clear about your core values?
Are you going to find ways to add value to others?
“Start by trying to make a positive difference in one person”

On Relationships: Learn to build trust
On Trust: “Do what you say and say what you do”
On Leadership: “You can become better at leadership by making it a study”
On Influence: Find ways to add value and help others become better

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