Embrace the Power Within

This week’s conversation features Gina Rolkowski, MA, speaker, author, survivor of sexual abuse and recovery coach for women healing from childhood abuse. She is a thought leader for the #MeToo movement and the creator of The Emptied Heartⓒ program for sexual abuse survivors. Using her treasure trove of proven actionable and achievable steps, she helps women find the freedom they deserve, so they can feel safe, worthy, loved and empowered. 

Many women who have experienced adverse childhood events, child or sexual abuse suffer from difficult emotions such as fear, loneliness, unworthiness, overwhelm and frustration. They desperately want to connect with someone who can truly understand, guide and support them in overcoming these painful issues, so they can feel confident, experience long-term relief from difficult emotions, find and maintain a happy life-long marriage, accelerate performance and launch career success.

Outstanding lives don’t happen by accident. They happen when we become intentional about what we want. A well thought out plan with strategic guidance from a safe, competent and trustworthy mentor is necessary to create awareness, acceptance, and action for sustained growth and development.

Let go of the past and embrace the power within.


  • On Self-Worth: “I don’t need anything to be worthy”

  • On Love: Do you love yourself?

  • On Stories: “I am more than my trauma …”

  • On Hope: “There is a lot of power in hearing how someone else overcame something”