Learning to Be Comfortable While Being Uncomfortable

Are you intentional with the choices you make in life?

He said, “… The truth of the matter is we will drive right past the other side of the highway or the other side of the track … Never go anywhere close to East Austin or never go anywhere close to certain areas and pockets of Austin, or even the surrounding areas that I know are suffering … But, we’ll get on an airplane and fly all the way across the world … we’ll come back and go to our nice 500 thousand dollar home … we’ll get into our nice cars … and we’ll start our life all over again. We’ll even tell about going to Haiti, we’ll tell the story about going to Africa … and never do anything in our city to make ourselves uncomfortable …”

How often do you put yourself in uncomfortable situations?

He said, “The reason why we won’t do something is because it makes us uncomfortable … it makes us uncomfortable because familiarity breeds contempt … when we’re familiar with something, it makes us uncomfortable … I strive and love being uncomfortable because putting myself in uncomfortable situations allows me to grow …”

Learn to be comfortable while being uncomfortable.


  • On Belief: Find someone who will believe in you, even when you don't believe in yourself

  • On Familiarity: Familiarity breeds contempt

  • On Growth: Put yourself in uncomfortable situations