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Who or what are you grateful for?

Who or what are you grateful for?

He said, “… I was at a low point of my life … A lot of things were going wrong … I was in the middle of my second divorce … I was living in a pretty bad apartment … I was working really, really hard … I really felt like I had nothing to be grateful for …”

Have you experienced a similar situation to John’s in your life? If so, what did you do to reverse the situation you were in?

For John Kralik, it all started with changing his environment, going for a long walk on New Year’s Day to reflect on his journey so far.

He said, “I heard a voice … It was an inner voice … It told me that, ‘until I learned to be grateful for the things that I had, I wouldn’t receive all of these things that I wanted’ … When I came down the hill from the mountains that I was climbing that day, I decided to dig out some old notes and to write one thank you note a day … I almost didn't follow through … But, I did …”

Who do you have to thank for helping you become the person that you are today?


  • On Belonging: Be grateful for being alive

  • On Life: “Why have I been chosen to stay?”

  • On Gratitude: Who or what are you grateful for?

  • On Life: “We have so much, yet we think we don’t”

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The Search for Belonging

Where do you fit in?

Where do people look like you?

Where do people have similar experiences, as you do?

A series of questions that took Angelle Richardson on a journey with no definite timeline for when she may find answers to some or all of her questions.

A series of questions that helped Angelle shape her own identity and determine the type of environment she needed to create for herself.

How often do you take the time to reflect on YOUR OWN definition of belonging? Why is it important for you to belong somewhere?


  • On Belonging: Find people that you connect with

  • On Identity: Embrace who you are

  • On Relationships: Understand your role

  • On Human Qualities: What type of qualities are you looking for in people?

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What does it mean to truly “belong” somewhere?

What are the elements that make up “belonging”?

He said, “… It’s acceptance … inclusion … trust … a safe space … I think back to early childhood … I played team sports all of the time and was fortunate enough that my best friends were the people I ended up playing with … It was all about the team and how I could play a role on that team … It was all about this brotherhood … We would go to practice, but we would always in our free time play small sided games and do stuff, so there is this element of wanting to be with one another just because you enjoyed the company …”

Who are the people in your life that you enjoy spending time with? Why do you enjoy spending time with them?


  • On Community: Surround yourself with people that you enjoy spending time with

  • On Relationships: What makes the relationships you’re currently in, special or unique?

  • On People: Learn to value every person

  • On Leadership: Stay curious

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Life is about Choices

How do you accept CHANGE in your life?

She said, “… There is change that we decide we are going to make … and there is change that we have no control over … A lot of us have a very hard time accepting this type of change because we didn't get to make the decision for it … When we’re fighting against that change, we’re creating more challenges for ourselves … The second we let go of control, our subconscious mind starts looking for solutions … ‘How do I figure out how I process this change? … What can I do? … What tools can I use?‘”

When you experience change in your life, do you go into the “victim” or “solution” mode?

She continued by saying, “… A lot of us tend to go into the ‘victim’ mode of, ‘why is this happening to me? I don’t get this. I don’t understand’ … If you want to create or change something in your mind, don’t tell yourself ‘I am going to try to do this.’ What happens is your subconscious mind is listening to that and it’s saying, ‘Okay, cool. I’m going to find millions of ways to TRY to do this…’ But, instead if you tell yourself, ‘I will do this’ … your subconscious mind is now looking for solutions and it’ll do everything in its power to resolve that for you …”

Can you hear the sound of your own voice? Are you encouraging yourself to do the best you can or blaming yourself when things don’t go as planned?


  • On Self-Talk: Learn to be aware of the narrative in your head

  • On Job: Pick a job that speaks to your soul and hear

  • On Suffering: “We don’t have to suffer so much”

  • On Challenges: “Everything is there to inspire you and help you grow”

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“We’re all Leaders”

Are you living a story that’s true to who you are?

She said, “… In order to live a life of authenticity, it begins with who you really are … On the surface level … identity is … my name ... who I am … where I am from … what I am good at … Those things are all part of the package in identity, but what I think ends up happening often when we dissect what identity is, is we get swept into a job or a cycle of some kind, and we may be using some of our gifts and talents or we may not be, but we’re kind of stuck in the busyness of all of that … Deeper meaning of authentic identity is really who you want to become … It’s your being …”

How often do you take a step back and reflect on the type of person you have become or striving to become?

She continued by saying, “… I had been teaching at a school for twenty years and for a transitional time I was no longer at the school … What I realized was, teaching was what I was doing, but who I was being was an encourager … It was being a mentor to people … My life coaching business allows me to really BE that same person I was as a teacher even though I am not in those same walls again …”

Are you living an authentic lifestyle? If not, what can you do today to start living one?


  • On Voice: Use your voice as much as possible

  • On Identity: “People of all ages need to understand who they are, so they can live the life they were meant to live”

  • On Being: Be intentional with your roles throughout life

  • On Environment: Learn to examine your influencers and influences

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Do the Work

On this episode of the Overcoming Odds podcast, Oleg interviews Hilary Corna, who is the founder of the Human Processes Continuum in Austin, TX. Tune in, as the two discuss ways to:

  • Develop Drive, Self-reliance and Empathy

  • Launch and grow your public speaking career

  • Embrace adversity

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Stay Strong

On this episode of the Overcoming Odds podcast, Oleg interviews Pamela Cutchlow about ways to:

  • Work through early childhood trauma

  • Love yourself more

  • Become more persistent at what you do

  • Define purpose in life

  • Stay strong during times of adversity

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The “Three Wins”

On this episode of the Overcoming Odds podcast, Oleg interviews Diana Moshier about ways to: 
• Overcome early memories of sexual abuse
• Develop self-confidence
• Build empathy

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