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What Causes Defining Moments In Our Lives To Be Redefined?

This week's conversation features Raven Beria.

Let's face it: you can have an amazing vision with a phenomenal product but still end up like most businesses - swallowed into the black hole of failure.

For customers to see past the distance, you need a brand that stands out - a world of its own.

But let's face it, most people struggle with marketing effectively.

Emails may get opened...but often don't get clicks.

Ads may get visitors...but often don't get customers.

Pages may get seen...but often never get returned.


  • On Courage: It takes time to develop

  • On Forgiveness: Who do you have to forgive to move forward with your story?

  • On Community: Surround yourself with people who will help you become the best version of yourself

  • On Obstacles: They're part of the journey

Serving Others

This week's features Derek Garcia.

After serving in the U.S. Navy and building a corporate career, he 'jumped ship' to start his own business. He used the discipline and dedication learned in the Navy and the business acumen developed in the corporate world to build his own business under his own terms. Fulfilling his dreams through helping others achieve theirs, as well as having a legacy to leave to his family, drives everything he does!


  • On Transition: Life is a journey

  • On Entrepreneurship: Don't start a business just to make money

  • On Service: Why do you choose to serve others?

  • On Gratitude: Who or what are you grateful?

The Power of Human Connection

Teresa is a Builder by nature; trailblazing in order to achieve the desired outcome toward evolution.

Emotional Intelligence is a remarkable foundation toward organizational, group, and individual success. It is the basis for 3 key features:

1. Optimum performance leveraging talents and IQ
2. Well-being and happiness eloquently managing stress and change
3. Social and emotional functioning capitalizing on the power of relationships

Companies call her when they want to:
Transform their culture and solve the biggest HR problems: attracting and retaining top talent, employee engagement, leadership development, and adaptability to change.

Improve team dynamics by dismantling behaviours that are derailing their success and strengthen interpersonal relationships leading to strong collaboration, innovation in problem solving, creativity, and team agility to change.

Identify and develop future leaders for succession planning; allowing individuals to step into leadership roles primed for success.

Individuals call on her when they want to:
Grow self-awareness and self-management skills that enable a greater knowing of their strengths and weaknesses, optimizing their talents to live their strongest and most successful life.


  • On Network: Quality over quantity

  • On Self: Who are you?

  • On Trauma: Process it in ways that you need to

  • On Gratitude: Who or what are you grateful for today?

Connect with Teresa:


Cultivating Radical Self-Compassion & Self-Love

Picture this. (It’s not hard to do.)

You’re stressed out at work. You can’t elude it. So much so, you take it home.

Sometimes it affects your outside life to the point that you don't seem to have one!

It can get so bad you don’t sleep.

Every morning it begins again...and don’t get me started about Sunday nights!

You’re stressed out. It sucks. The worst part? There seems to be no way out…

Suspend your disbelief.

This is Shelley Brown. She did it. She got out.

She spent 25 years in the hospitality industry, climbing the ladder and making great money, all while stress slowly consumed her.

Then, after a particularly difficult time, she decided it was enough. So she learned how to address her stress. Then, she became better at her job AND her life.


  • On Thoughts: "We are much more than our thoughts"

  • On Blame: Stop blaming others

  • On Pain: There are many layers to pain

  • On Present: Live in the moment

Connect with Shelley


Being A Contribution

This week's conversation features Daniel Galdi.

Daniela is a high-energy powerhouse. Her ambition is endless and her extensive resume is proof of that with areas of expertise in the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship, health & fitness and media production. Daniela is not only a go-getter with remarkable drive, passion and discipline towards her endeavors but also offers encouragement and empathy towards others in theirs.

Parallel to her optimistic attitude, you'll catch her smiling...a lot.

Her career is a reflection of who she is and what she loves to do -- entertain, create, and encourage others to follow their passions. She has a genuine enthusiasm for supporting people and sharing their stories and ideas. Outside of her career, spending time with family & friends is a priority in her busy schedule. She loves to workout, experiment with new recipes, attend women empowerment and motivational conferences and meet 1:1 with new friends.


  • On Success: It's a process not a destination

  • On Healing: Allow yourself time to heal

  • On Dialogue: Listen to your inner voice

  • On Impact: Focus on those surrounding you

Learning to Navigate the Changing World of Work

This week's conversation features Rod Deptford, founder of EQ4 Media, where he brings 20+ years of expertise in broadcasting, marketing, communications and coaching, to help professionals become online video communicators.


  • On Life: "I can choose to see things from a different perspective ..."

  • On Past: "My past is a series of learning experiences ..."

  • On Challenges: Embrace them as they come

  • On Change: Learn to navigate through change

Positive Alternatives

This week's conversation features Doug Petit, retired professional Manager engaged in Public Speaking to teens and their parents about the perils of underage drinking. Collaborating with like minded individuals and entities focused on providing positive alternatives to underage drinking and drugs. Just passed the 1 year mark with Positive Alternatives Podcast - "Together We're Better".


  • On Past: "Why did it take something like this to happen to me, to make me a better guy?"

  • On Leadership: Respect. Responsibility. Reward

  • On Drugs: Understand the impact

  • On Decisions: Take ownership of your decisions

Are you being busy or being productive?

"We can bring in people to teach our team new skills, but when their spirits are burned out...we hire Steve!"

That was the comment a speaking client recently shared in a conversation.

What does Steve deliver: Back-to-basics positivity and engagement, delivered with enough (appropriate) humor to keep the audience listening and learning.

Are you looking for a speaker who has created success (from the ashes of defeat) in his own life and business, who can share his journey as a 'real' person, communicating the steps in simple, actionable terms?

Do you like to laugh while you learn?

Steve Gamlin speaks from the critical space between personal and professional goals, knowing that true success lies in the integration of the two.


  • On Network: How well do you know the people in your network?

  • On Self: Own your decisions

  • On Accomplishment: Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable

  • On Gratitude: What or who are you grateful for?