Your past does not determine your future.

I was born in Moscow, Russia.

I was placed in an orphanage, Filatov #13, immediately after my birth and remained there until I was adopted three months later.

At the time, I did not know whether or not I wanted to be adopted.

My adoptive parents were always open about my adoption.

As I recall, my childhood was fun and memorable.

As an adoptee, I never faced many challenges after being adopted. The only challenge I am currently dealing with is finding my birth parents.

I wish I knew more about them.

Being adopted made no difference to me.

It was normal to me.

Recently, I’ve decided to take the next step forward and move in with my significant other.

People ask me, “What is currently holding you back?”

My answer remains the same, “Lack of schooling and my financial position.”

I work on my weaknesses daily.

In the next ten years, I hope to be more independent and have a career I enjoy.

I am proud of the family I was adopted into.