Unconditional Love

I am sharing my story because it is important to see adoption from multiple perspectives.

I was born in Valcea, Romania along with my twin.

We were both quite ill at the time of birth, which forced us to stay at the hospital longer than expected.

Once we were in a better condition, we were placed in an orphanage, Ceausescu’s Daughters.

Based on what I was told, the orphanage was much better compared to some of the other ones in the area.

At the age of two, I was adopted.

At the time, being adopted was a much better option than being in the orphanage. Life in an orphanage was unbearable.

Adoption to me is a positive thing. I think all children deserve a loving family and people who care for them unconditionally.

To date, I still live with my adoptive parents; however, I will soon be moving out with my little girl.

If I didn’t get adopted, I do not know where I would be. I am proud of all my current accomplishments including graduating from college. I am also proud of how hard I've worked to be where I am today.

In the future, I would like to move back to Romania with my little girl and meet my family.