Change Is Inevitable

I was born in Kazakhstan.

I was very sick as a little girl, which is why we had to move to a different place, so that I could get better.

However, after our move, my parents got into some trouble because they didn’t have enough money to buy the house we wanted.

So, one day my dad left for work and never came back.

After he left, my mom started drinking and doing whatever she wanted, ultimately leaving all of us on our own.

I was left with taking care of my sister and then my brother, after he was born.

It was hard trying to look after three people, myself included. So, I started searching for my mother again, but couldn't find her.

I was then placed in an orphanage.


My first trip to United States was in January of 2005.

I still remember my first meeting with my adoptive mother, who later on decided to adopt us (my siblings and I).

My adoptive mother gave us a second chance in life, and I’m very grateful for that.

Her and I got along very well, but not my sisters. My sisters were teenagers and wanted to do as they pleased.

I definitely had some struggles when I got here.

At the beginning, it was difficult to adjust because we had to go to church every Sunday. I was a believer, but you have to go to church out of your own free will. Now, I go to church when I have time.

Sharing my story is important because we all have our own unique experiences, so it’s important to learn from each one.