A Blessing And A Challenge

I am sharing my story because I want other people to know that being adopted is a blessing, as well as a challenging journey.

I was born in Pitesti, Romania, a small town near Curtea de Argeș.

Prior to being adopted, I was raised in a predominantly white, upper/middle class family. They were very supportive of me, even though it may have been difficult to do so at times due to my disabilities.

I was placed in an orphanage six months after my birth. It was difficult to live in a place with constant abuse and lack of food.

Fortunately, at the age of two, I was adopted along with my twin brother.

I’m glad we left.

However, the memories will always be with us. The times we were tied to our crib, the constant smell of dead bodies and blood.

I first met my birth parents at the age of four via Facebook. Then, 21 years later, I spoke with them again via Skype.

I still maintain contact with them.

The biggest challenge I had to overcome since being adopted has been coping with my disabilities.

I lost my vision when I was three years old. I have a degenerative cataract in my left eye that can no longer be removed.

In addition, I am very insecure about myself and stubborn.

Despite all of the challenges, I am still proud of the fact that I’ve been adopted.