“Dad is Dad, and Mom is Mom”

I was adopted from China when I was ten months old.

I was two weeks old when I was found abandoned at a train station. After a quick hospital check-up, I was placed in an orphanage.

I stayed there for ten months.

Prior to being adopted, I wasn't able to form words, much less know what they meant. Being adopted didn't mean much to a baby, but being with a family that loved me - that meant a lot.

I grew up in a wonderful home with great parents, and an adopted sister from China.


I have been told that I got along quite well with my adoptive family and I’m proud of the name chosen by my adoptive parents.

I'm also proud of the life I was given despite being abandoned.

To me, maintaining relationships is important. In fact, that is my focus this year: to maintain a great relationship with my friends and family.

As for my future, I would love to see myself touring the world on book tours with my family and friends by my side, as well as have an idea of who my biological family is.

Sometimes, I do wonder, think, and ask myself why I was abandoned.

It's just a passing thought that I don't tend to dwell over because I'm reminded of the happiness I have gained by being abandoned.

Sharing my story is important because I want people to know that being adopted is not necessarily a bad thing.