Stay Strong

Sharing my story is important because every story is different. There is always someone out there who may be going through the same exact experience as I am.

I was born in Guangzhou, China.

At 14 months old, a family from Texas adopted me. I’ve lived there ever since.

Based on what I’ve been told, my mom's family was all missionaries and my dad’s side; they were all immigrants from Germany.

Prior to being adopted, I was in an orphanage. I don't have many memories of being there; however, I do remember being sick a lot, primarily because I wasn’t getting enough love, or being held.

Since the time I was adopted, I have been able to attend multiple adoption-related camps and meet other people who are going through the same exact issues.

I cherish moments like those.

Since being adopted, I had to overcome multiple challenges, including identity issues, separation issues, abandonment issues, anxiety, and inability to trust people. I was scared that if I got too close, people would realize the real me and abandon me again.

I hope that one day I will get over most of my challenges.

I will always stand up for others in similar situations. I know what it’s like to be alone.