Do the Work

On this episode of the Overcoming Odds podcast, Oleg interviews Hilary Corna, who is the founder of the Human Processes Continuum in Austin, TX. Tune in, as the two discuss ways to:

  • Develop Drive, Self-reliance and Empathy

  • Launch and grow your public speaking career

  • Embrace adversity

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Stay Strong

On this episode of the Overcoming Odds podcast, Oleg interviews Pamela Cutchlow about ways to:

  • Work through early childhood trauma

  • Love yourself more

  • Become more persistent at what you do

  • Define purpose in life

  • Stay strong during times of adversity

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The “Three Wins”

On this episode of the Overcoming Odds podcast, Oleg interviews Diana Moshier about ways to: 
• Overcome early memories of sexual abuse
• Develop self-confidence
• Build empathy

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Find Your Inner Talent

It all started when she was eight years old.

She said, “... When I was eight, I got to start vocal lessons with a very big, performance vocal coach who taught by a guy named Seth Riggs … who made Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder … I did my vocal coaching for 10 years … At eighteen, I moved to Nashville, ready and confident to prove what I have learned …”

When did you first recognize your special talents or gifts? What are you doing with them today?


  • On Purpose: Combine your passion with a purpose

  • On Music: “It saved my life and it became my life”

  • On Growth: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  • On Personal Development: Be yourself

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A Promise Worth Living For

What is a promise that you made to yourself as a child?

She said, “ … When I was growing up, I had a youth group leader … she took me to a little restaurant called, Olga’s Kitchen. I don't even remember what she said to me, but I know she said something … that made me feel like she saw me … she didn’t understand what my story was, but she saw me and she reassured me that she loved me and I was beautiful inside and out … That there was a purpose for my life … I left that meeting with making a promise that if I made it through my teen years, I would spend the rest of my life helping other kids find their way …”

What once seemed, as a simple promise, is now part of Erica’s life work, to change the world through reforming practices and policies in domestic and international adoption.

What is a promise that you made that you still need to fulfill?


  • On Wholeness & Healing: Know your story and history

  • On Promises: What is a promise that you made that you still need to fulfill?

  • On Environment: Focus on creating and maintaining lifelong relationships

  • On Development: Focus on gaining valuable and meaningful experiences

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Finding Your Voice

For a long time, she didn't know how to use her voice.

She said, “ … A lot of my story, at least right now, has to do with my identity … Coming into that and finding the agency to claim that … when we think about finding our voices, I think that’s something that everybody goes through …”

Was there a time in your life when you felt that you didn’t have a voice? If so, how did you rediscover your voice?


  • On Identity: You get to claim your identity

  • On Criticism: Surround yourself with people who will support you

  • On Story: Know your roots

  • On Voice: Use your voice to be brave for others

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Are you aware of the triggers that cause your stress or anxiety?

She said, “… It was in my Master’s program that I became aware of my triggers … You have to be aware of what causes your stress, your pressure, and your anxiety …”

Self-awareness or self-reflection, a process that is easier said than done.

A process that allows us to take a step back and reflect on our life, behavior and beliefs.

What do you to do to practice daily self-refection?


  • On Identity: Fall in love with yourself

  • On Stress: Become aware of what triggers your stress

  • On Anxiety: Take the time to reflect

  • On Environment: Be able to say, “No” to people who aren’t helping you grow

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Visualizing the Endgame

It all started when she was a little girl.

She said, “Since I was a little girl, I always knew that I wanted to be a social worker. So, I knew that I had to do certain things in order to be able to work with people …”

I was once told, “a dream written down with a definite date becomes a goal; a goal broken down into actionable steps becomes a plan; a plan supported by action becomes a reality.”

For Ebony, the process was not any different [dream -> goal -> plan -> reality]

She continued by saying, “ … I always knew that I wanted to work with people … I didn't know the form or the setting, but I knew that I wanted to work with teens … So, I knew regardless of the things that I was facing in foster care or the abuse that I was enduring that I had to keep pushing forward in order to see the ending light. In order to get to be where I am today to help other people …”

What are you doing to put yourself closer toward achieving your dreams? What type of people are your surrounding yourself with or need to surround yourself with to help you achieve those dreams?


  • On Story: Use your story to give back to others

  • On Trauma: Seek support groups

  • On Routine: Develop a routine that brings the best of you

  • On Self-Care: Take the time to care of your mind, body and spirit

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