Shadow Work

Tune in to this week’s conversation with Clay Smeltzer, father, husband, man, author, speaker, 7th grade math teacher, high school baseball coach, and founder of Purpose Infused Coaching.

The mission of “Purpose Infused Coaching” is to help schools, administrators, teachers, and men find/enhance their purpose and to infuse that purpose into everything they do.

In addition, Clay also wants to help men who are in life saying, "This isn't what it was supposed to be" define their purpose, so that they can wake up every day with excitement and the energy to live the life they were meant to live.


  • On Shadow: “It’s all of the stuff that we put in the back of our minds …”

  • On Anger: How can I utilize it in a beneficial way?

  • On Motivation: What motivates you?

  • On Struggle: “Where there is a struggle, that’s where I step into it the most”