The Decision

She couldn’t tell anyone.

For five months, she sat alone, in her college dorm room, getting sick, not wanting others to know.

She said, “When I was a junior in college, I found out that I was pregnant. I was at a strict religious school and at the time … it was definitely frowned upon… I always dreamed of being a mom one day, I just knew it wasn’t the time. I had no way of providing the kind of life I thought my baby deserved. I really wrestled with this decision of what to do, how to handle the situation and while I was thinking through that, I had to hide my pregnancy…”

A decision had to be made.

She said, “In the end, when I realized that I couldn’t give her everything she deserved, I went ahead and made an adoption plan for her … Leaving the hospital without my newborn was probably the single hardest thing, I have ever done in my life … The loneliness that envelopes you, the doubts, the fears, the worries of not doing the right thing or not ruining someone’s life … But, I knew at the time that I loved her so much, that I wanted more for her than I could give …”

For Adrian, doing the best she could with what she knew at the time was the only option.

What is the hardest decision that you have had to make in your life?


  • On Decisions: Know that you’ve done your best based on the information available

  • On Storytelling: Use your story to encourage and bring hope to others

  • On Judgment: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

  • On Acceptance: Find a way to work through your fears and keep moving forward