"Don’t Take a Day for Granted"

She was afraid.
It was either to hide her sickness or never get called for another job in her industry.
For Jeanette, her job was much more than simply receiving another paycheck.
It’s a job, which also happens to be her hobby and passion.
A job that allows her to express how appreciative she is of her adoptive family.
A job that taught her some of the most important lessons in life, including this one: “Don’t take a day for granted.”
So, she hid it.
She said, “I was constantly trying to figure out when the shows were going to end, so I could time my surgeries and doctors apportionments. It was not easy”
It is times like these that would leave most, if not all, of us hopeless.
But, Jeanette Jolley was different.
She said, “It was either to quite this industry… or I need to snap out of this, and fix it and keep going with life.”
So, she decided to go with the second option, which ultimately led her to become an accomplished television producer, voice for other adoptees, mostly women, and especially those going through infertility.
I asked, “Do you have any advice for others who are going through similar experiences?”
She said, “Listen to yourself, embrace the emotions and find people that you can trust.”

Tune in as Jeanette shares tips and tricks for succeeding in the entertainment industry, what it means to be adopted, and how to find balance in your everyday life.


  • On Healing: It takes time

  • On Family: Make them proud of you

  • On Life: Live up to your values

  • On Interviewing: Make it a friendly conversation

  • On Work: Always leave a good impression

  • On Success: It takes a lot of determination and self-motivation

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