Learning from the Good and the Bad

Joe Galindo is a culinary entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas where he and his wife own and manage, RedBookChef. Their venture was inspired by his wife’s little red notebook in which she would take notes while watching cooking programs as a young girl. In this episode, Joe tells us the story of how he went from foster care and a lucky adoption, to where he is today.

overcoming odds

At the age of five years old, Joe was found by Child Protective Services and entered foster care in Fort Worth, where he was later adopted by a loving family who instilled within him a life-long work ethic, which has made him into the entrepreneur that he is today. Ever since childhood, Joe maintained a strong positive outlook on life and always believed that things would be okay, even when they seemed to be at their darkest.

Joe worked in a myriad of roles within the food service industry, including one at Walt Disney World, where he continued to develop his entrepreneurial spirit, and honed his skills as a businessman in the world of food service.

Episode Highlights:

  • On Success: Never stop educating yourself

  • On Positivity: Count your Blessings and Enjoy Small Moments

  • On Investing in Yourself: Think Big

  • On Pressure: Use it to Make Yourself Better

Episode Notes:

  • Friends of Peter [1:00]

  • Red Book Chef [5:00]

  • Family history [11:00]

  • Birth parents [16:00]

  • Past and future [19:00]

  • Blessings [21:00]

  • Maintaining optimism [24:00]

  • Trust [30:00]

  • Telling your story [33:30]

  • A no-brainer startup [40:00]

  • Final thoughts [48:00]

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