Redefining Manhood

Joshua Banks doesn’t believe there is any such thing as a selfless act. But, he does believe we can all be our most authentic selves while benefiting the people around us. According to him, we all have the potential to be self-centered, yet still be a positive influence on our communities.

overcoming odds

Joshua earned many commendations during his years in law enforcement, where he learned much about the nature of people at their worst, as well as at their best. He also spent many years ministering, helping his community connect to God in ways that helped them find themselves as individuals. Joshua’s journey has led him to a place where he has devoted his life to building others up, teaching vulnerability, communication, and togetherness in a world that has become as disconnected in some ways as it has become connected to others.

Today, Joshua spends his time communicating his mission of helping people become their best selves through speaking engagements such as the Mastering Manhood Conference, and his books, Jesus Others You: The Self-Centered Gospel, and The Doctrine of Synchronization, which explores and emphasize the importance of being centered, and self-centered, as an individual in order to grow while leaving a positive legacy.

Episode Highlights:

  • On being a better you: Be self-centered in the right ways

  • On creating: You’re always doing it

  • On finding your Why: What angers you? What excites you?

  • On manhood: Commit yourself to the journey. It’s not a destination

  • On leadership: It’s about humility

Episode Notes:

  • Joshua’s book - all about finding your identity to be more centered. To recognize that you have what you need inside of you to give to others instead of taking from others [2:15]

  • Church [3:30]

  • Being “Self-Centered” [4:30]

  • Addiction [6:30]

  • Know Yourself [8:15]

  • Oleg’s Experience with Religion [9:30]

  • Confusing Religion [10:30]

  • Nontraditional Christian [12:00]

  • Creating Irresponsibly [13:30]

  • Be Fruitful and Multiply [16:00]

  • What is Dominion [16:45]

  • Are You a Giver or a Taker? [20:00]

  • Law Enforcement Experience [20:45]

  • Public Service [21:30]

  • Legacy [23:30]

  • Nothing You Do is Selfless [27:30]

  • Joshua’s Why [30:15]

  • Mastering Manhood [35:30]

  • "It’s a journey, not a destination" [39:30]

  • "Everybody cries in jail" [42:00]

  • "What is a great leader?" [43:30]

  • Being Vulnerable [47:30]

  • “Something Else Deep” [54:00]

  • Mentorship [58:30]

  • Final Thoughts [59:30]

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